Van Snyder's IBM 1401 documents

From File number Form Title
M,S,- A24-1403-5 Reference Manual: IBM 1401 Data Processing System (the one in my collection was a very poor-quality copy)
L1401-00 A24-1401-1 IBM 1401 System Summary
-1401/1460-01 A24-3067-1 System Operation Reference Manual
T1401/1460-01 A24-3067-2 System Operation Reference Manual
-1401/1460-01 A24-3068-3 Miscellaneous Input/Output Instructions
-1401/1460-01 A24-3069-2 Tape Input/Output Instructions
L1401/1460-01 A24-3070-2 Disk Input/Output Instructions
-1401/1460-01 A24-3071-2 Special Feature Instructions
T1402-03 A24-3072-0 IBM 1402 Card Read-Punch
T1402-03 A24-3073-0 IBM 1403 Printer
L1401-01 A24-3144-2 IBM 1401 Data Processing System Operator's Guide
WGENL-13 A24-3315-0 Custom Features for IBM 1401, 1440 and 1460 Data Processing Systems
L1401/1460-48 C24-1091-1 Programming for the IBM 1418 and 1428 Optical Readers
L1401/1460-33 C24-1420-4 Sort Programs for IBM 1401-1311 and 1460-1311: Specifications and Operating Procedures: Sort 6
W1401-25 C24-1455-2 Fortran Specifications and Operating Procedures: IBM 1401
L1401/1460-01 C24-1462-2 Input/Output Control System (on Tape)
W1401-21 C24-1480-0 IBM 1401 Symbolic Programs: SPS-1 and SPS-2: Specifications and Operating Procedures
T1401-24 C24-1492-1 COBOL (on Tape) Specifications: IBM 1401
D C24-1494-2 IBM 1401 Data Processing System Programmers' Guide: Student Text
W1401-24 C24-3146-3 COBOL (on Tape) Operating Procedures: IBM 1401
M1401-22 C24-3171-0 Basic Autocoder 4K for IBM 1401: Specifications ps.gz pdf
LGENL-22 C24-3258-2 Autocoder (on Disk) Language Specifications
W1401/1460-33 C24-3317-1 Sort 7: Specifications and Operating Procedures: IBM 1401 and 1460, with N21-5051
L1401/1460-22 C24-3319-0 Autocoder (on Tape) Language Specifications and Operating Procedures
WGENL-25 C24-3322-2 Fortran IV Language Specifications, Program Specifications, and Operating Procedures: IBM 1401, 1440 and 1460
D F20-0208 General Information Manual: IBM 1401 Data Processing System: From Control Panel to Stored Program (.zip of .jpg files [17 MB] or .pdf [42 MB])
T1401-37 F20-0234-2 Auto-Test for IBM 1401: Specifications and Operating Procedures
-,W G24-1477-0 1401 Data Processing System: 1401 Data Flow (mine is a poor-quality copy)
M J24-1434-2 1401 Data Processing System Bulletin: Autocoder for the IBM 1401
B X24-6447-5 IBM 1401 Data Processing System: Reference Card

I also have a 1410/7010 manual and an 1130 manual:
From File number Form Title
W1410/7010-33 C28-0404-1 IBM 1410/7010 Operating System: Generalized Sorting Program Using IBM 1301/2302 Disk Storage -- 1410-SM-972. Includes Technical Newsletter updates N27-1254, N27-1265 and N27-1269
-1130-03 GA27-2723-2 IBM 1130 Computing System Component Description: IBM 2250 Display Unit Model 4

Source Code Courtesy of
-My collection
BBill Budge
DJohn Deane
LBob Lee
MWes Metzger
SRobert J. Sprafka
TGregg Townsend
WDick Weaver

If you need one of these, I can send you a copy.

If you have one that's not on the list, or a newer edition of one that is, I'd like a copy. If you have scanned a manual or drawing, I'd like an electronic copy. I can put a link to it here if you want me to.

I have a copy of the diagnostics manual. The file dmanhtm.tar.gz is just an HTML table of contents for the GIF images in the two directories. I got it from Paul Pierce's web site.

Al Kossow has some scanned 1401 documents

I borrowed some documents from Dick Weaver but I haven't copied most of them yet.

The box from Dick Weaver also contained numerous documents that are not reference manuals.

Rudolf Giehl has sent me images of a 1401 code card, in German.
Henk Stegeman sent me copies of the flow charts for the 1401 emulator that was in the microcode for IBM 360/30 computers.
I've removed my address because of all the spam I get, but you might try
van DOT snyder AT jpl DOT nasa DOT gov.