1401 Autocoder

Dick Weaver lent me a large collection of manuals. Within that collection is the Customer Engineering (CE) manual for 1401 Autocoder (1401-AU-037) version 3. Within that manual there is a listing of Autocoder version 3. The collection of documents Dick lent me also includes eleven modification letters for Autocoder.

I have keyed in the code from that listing, assembled it with an assembler I wrote, and compared the output with a deck from a tape that Dick Weaver lent me. There are links below for my assembler, the source code for Autocoder, the output "decks" and "listings," and the Autocoder distribution deck that was on the tape Dick Weaver lent me.

I have transcribed the modification letters, too. There's a link below.

All of the files except the distribution deck for Autocoder that I got from Dick Weaver are available as gnuzip-compressed "tar" files or "zip" archives. The distribution deck for Autocoder is gnuzip compressed and zip archived. It's not a tarball because it's only one file. The .zip files were all prepared with the MSDOS end-of-line sequences.

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