IBM 1401 and other system documents from Mike Wright

File Number Form Title
11.0.006 1401 General Program Library: 1401 Legal Information Retrieval
13.1.032 1401 General Program Library: Distribution Tape Reel for SHARE (Correction: 12-66)
216513 12-Channel Carriage Control Tape
A24-1002-2 Reference Manual: IBM 513, 514 Reproducing Punches
A24-1011-2 Reference Manual: IBM 407 Accounting Machine (x2)
A24-1403-6 Reference Manual: IBM 1401 Data Processing System
1401-01 A24-3144-2 IBM 1401 Data Processing Sytem: Operator's Guide
C20-8062 IBM Data Processing Techniques: Index Organization for Information Retrieval
1401-21 C24-1480-0 IBM 1401 Symbolic Programming Systems: SPS-1 and SPS-2: Specifications and Operating Procedures
C24-1494-2 IBM 1401 Data Processing System Programmers Guide: Student Text
1401/1460-33 C24-3317-0 Sort 7: Specifications and Operating Procedure: IBM 1401 and 1460: updated by TNL N21-5000-0 and TNL N21-0042-0
1401/1460-22 C24-3319-0 Autocoder (on Tape) Language: Specifications and Operating Procedures: IBM 1401 and 1460
UM/010 GX20-1701-0 HIPO Template (x5)
1401-22 J24-1434-3 Autocoder for IBM 1401: Specifications
R25-1557-2 1401 Data Processing System: Console Operator: Education Guide
R25-1559-3 1401 Data Processing System: Basic Programming: Education Guide
R25-1570-0 1401 Data Processing System: Advanced Training: Education Guide
R25-1617-1 1401 Data Processing System: Auto-Test: Education Guide
R25-1640-0 1401 Data Processing System: Installation Planning: Education Guide
R29-0044-1 IBM 1401 DPS BASIC PROGRAMMING: Symbolic Programming System: Student Materials: Programmed Instruction Course
X20-8020 Flowcharting Template (envelope only)
X20-8021-1 IBM Flowcharting Worksheet
X24-1152-3 IBM 1401 Symbolic Programming System: Coding Sheet (x8)
X24-6436-3 IBM 407, 408, 409, 1403 and 1404 Printer Spacing Chart