Documents from Dick Weaver that aren't reference manuals

Number Title
1.1.016 IBM General Program Library: 4k-Accelerator Pack (a faster SPS assembler; includes a source code listing)
1.1.040 IBM General Program Library: 1401 - 1410 Cross Reference Listing Program
1.4.082 IBM General Program Library: Sylvania Print Routine (BCD tape dump; includes source and object code lists)
1.4.124 IBM General Program Library: Modified 1401 Dump (includes object deck listing). I have transcribed this document and program
1.4.136 IBM General Program Library: Write and Read Tape Check (includes a source code listing)
2.0.031 IBM General Program Library: IBM 1401 Autochart; includes another user guide from IBM Federal Systems (FSC)
360D-11.1.019Contributed Program Library: 1401 Simulator for OS/360: Correction 3/69 (includes newer program listings
P71-18 Program Announcement: Two Integrated Emulators for System/370 Model 155 under OS Available: 1401/1440/1460 Integrated Emulator (360C-EU-735): 1410/7010 Integrated Emulator (360C-EU-736)
P72-7 Program Announcement: Version 2 of Two Integrated Emulators for System/370 Available: 360C-EU-735: 360C-EU-736
TIE 4-0064Technical Information Exchange: Basic Coding Techniques for the 1401 Computer
TIE 5-0021Technical Information Exchange: IBM 1401, 1440 and 1460 Programming and Operating Techniques
TIE 6309-0164Technical Information Exchange: True Binary Search for the IBM 1400 Series
TIE 6309-0235Technical Information Exchange: 1401 Programmers Guide -- Elizabeth Office
TIE 6309-04531401 Core Stretching for Table Look-up
TIE 6404-0051Spoof Simultaneous Programming on the 1401
Z77-5054 Technical Information Exchange: IBM 1401 Tape IOCS Timing Calculation Formulas
Z77-5057 Technical Information Exchange: IBM 1401 Tape IOCS Advanced Notes
Z77-6026 Technical Information Exchange: IBM 1401 Tape IOCS Program Label Key
Z77-8048 Technical Information Exchange: Combining all Type I 1400 Compilers on a Single System Pack
none Update pages for flow charts in 229-2033 (Autocoder CE manual)
none Eleven update newsletters for Autocoder (I have transcribed these)
none Modification of Autocoder by A. B. Platt to print A- and B- addresses in both decimal and machine form
none B-field signs following arithmetic operations ps pdf
none Listings of several programs Dick Weaver wrote or worked on

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