IBM 1401 SMS drawings

The files

1_2 SMS-Cards 1 1401_40-28588 2151_788.pdf and

2_2 SMS-Cards 2 1401 40-28588 2151_788.pdf

which I think I found somewhere at (or maybe at, are scans of the SMS card drawings from the set of CE books that came with an IBM 1401 having serial number 28588. I've split them into individual drawings, one per file, mostly one page each, although some are two pages because there are consecutive pages in those files that have the same drawing number.

The drawing number stamped on the lower right corner of each page, e.g. 729801, is apparently not the one that's embossed into each card. Instead, the number on the card is the manufacturing drawing number, e.g., 373000, which is referenced on the drawing in the file.

Complicating matters further, there is the card/cap code for each card.

To accomodate these cross references, I've organized the individual drawings into a file system. Each drawing is in a file having the same name as its manufacturing drawing number, with the extension .pdf, except for 723162.pdf, which is the main index for the set of drawings, and 729954.pdf and 729955.pdf, which are informative drawings that are not circuit diagrams, and therefore don't have corresponding manufacturing drawings.

Aside from those three drawings, each drawing file is in a directory having a name the same as the manufacturing drawing number. So drawing 373000.pdf is in the directory 373000. The reason for this extra structure is so that other files relevant to cards of the same number can be put into those directories. For example, I have put files for field-replacement cross reference into some of those directories.

Each of the directories is further identified by two soft links (Linux lingo) or shortcuts (Windows lingo), one being the drawing number stamped on the lower right corner of the drawing, and the other being the card/cap code. In addition, in each directory there is an empty file having a name the same as the card/cap code (e.g. 373000/AD_B-). The directories for cards that have field replacement cards with different drawing numbers include a soft link (shortcut) to the field replacement card directory.

There are also five auxiliary files:

is a soft link (shortcut) to 723162.pdf
is a plain-text transcrption of 723162.pdf, with information on three more drawings added
is a field-replacement cross-reference list, extracted from List, reformatted, and sorted on original manufacturing drawing number, field replacement card manufacturing drawing number, and card/cap code.
is a one-line file that indicates there's no drawing for 371790/WG--.
is a table-of-contents of the file system. Soft links (shortcuts) are indicated by -> in the listing.
If each individual card in the CHM colletion were eventually to be identified by a serial number in addition to its factory-embossed manufacturing drawing number, perhaps written on the card with a "sharpie" pen, a file having a name composed from the manufacturing drawing number and the serial number could record the service history for that card, in the directory having the same name as the manufacturing drawing number. Alternatively, include the service date in the file name to have a separate file for each service event.

SMS.tgz -- a gnuzip-compressed tarball. WinZip understands this format on Windows. -- a zip file. I think you need WinZip to read this, too.

You can try WinZip for free at